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على باب الله

انا من أهل مصر ، بسيط وغلبان بالعربي على باب الله

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

إفراج لعلاء
يا بوب
3.30 عصرا

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

دعوة لمقاطعة مصر من سويسرا

لمرة الاولي نكتب بلغة الفرنجة جاءت لي هذه الدعوة في ايميل من صديقة سويسرية

have a friend, Nani, she works for Amnesty International and is married to Yasser from Upper Egypt.
She is sending me the Human Rights Watch alerts and this one here shocked me more than they usually do.
Aside from FGM which is something to fight against, the situation in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak has reached a state where we have to act.
... and somewhere along the way, we have to involve human rights. The things
that are happening in Egpyt are outrageous. The beatings by security agents
of Karim al-Sha`ir and Mohamed al-Sharqawi last Thursday in Cairo are
hurting Egypts name throughout the world and make me feel angry and helpless
and hurt. We boycotted South Africa when the same things happend. Sorry to
go into this now, I'll forward you an e-mail from AI I just received.

هذا يعني اننا لابد ان نستغل هذا ان نعمل على هذا
لابد ان يعلم العالم ، هو العالم عارف بس عاوزينه يكو نعارف بالتفصيل
علشان مايكونش لهم حجة